Vinegar Hill Sound is a full-service recording studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn owned and operated by producer/mixer/engineer Reed Black.  VHS offers fantastic analog gear in spacious rooms with 16-foot ceilings that give musical performances a rich sonic depth.  A soulful 1923 Steinway L grand piano and a Hammond A-100 organ fill out a large live room that sounds equally explosive for drums, acoustic or electric guitar, upright bass or vocals.

Our layout is especially useful for full band or full rhythm-section recordings, when artists are interested in capturing the energy of a live performance without sacrificing the control and separation of modern studio techniques.  If the band or producer needs isolation, a large iso-booth for guitar and bass amps makes for an easy way to keep the various mics well-protected from bleed.  Bring the vocalist into the control room and you can try for full-band takes and still fix mistakes after the fact.  Or bring everyone into the live room at once and give your record that perfectly-blended character.

VHS is a top-notch recording facility with an approachable vibe and character to make you feel at home.  Come make something great with us.

For bookings please write or call (917) 688-4208.

4 hour minimum for first-time bookings.  Special full-day lockout and weekly rates available.


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